Brand Story

The logo colors are bright green and energetic blue.
Green” represents boundless nature.
Blue” represents unlimited energy.

The "pqi" logo is represented using lower case letters with round edges for a young and vibrant look that gives it a warm and friendly design. In the pqi logo, the blue dot on the "i" is like a super ball. The pqi brand hopes to bring liveliness and happiness to everyone"s life. The super ball also represents boundless creativity and a powerful corporate culture.


Brand Over the Years
PQI was established in 1997 and joined the Foxlink Group in 2010. Initially, emphasis was placed on creating unique products through innovative R&D as well as implementing strict product quality control. As a specialized manufacturer in the ICT industry, PQI maintained an "every step counts" spirit in systematically expanding channels and promoting the PQI brand. Later on, to expand into global markets and deepen PQI’s brand recognition among consumers, PQI comprehensively planned and implemented a Corporate Identity System (CIS) in 2004 to take the brand to the world market. Today, PQI has already become one of the ten largest brands worldwide in professional memory and accessory. As members of society, we display our social consciousness by actively caring towards children, respecting and treasuring our planet"s environment, and nurturing design talents. By expending our efforts, we hope to encourage others to do the same and show our love for the world.

Product Line

  • Power

  • Mobility

  • Storage

  • Fingerprint

  • iStorage

Key Numbers


10-in-1 Docking

6-in-1 Hub

iCharger 75W PD

iCharger 5000 PB

iCharger for Car 48W PD

iCharger for Car 24W+

Smart Charging Station QC3.0




iCable Multi-Plug 180



iConnect Mini

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